AGM 2017

Christiania Ski Club 63rd Annual General Meeting

Thursday 23 November 2017 at 6:00pm

Venue: McMeekan Centre, Ruakura Research Centre




Welcome: Ross & Jenny Muir; Carys, Sheree, Devin & Rhiannon Lawton; Ben de Jong; Mike Callaghan; Andrew Hart; Steve Roper; Rachel Ward; Tanya, Hayley & Nicole Fulton; Bob Buckley; Pete Studer; Rik Bennett; David Glenn; Bryan Clements; Shane Clements; Gary Verberne

Apologies: Ross Parker & Sue Christie, Rik Fisk & Tracey Jones, Georgia Clements, Matt Holcroft, Bernard Lamusse, Simon Leadley, Julie & Ken McKenzie, Amy Williams, Anthea Clements, Matt Fulton

Confirmation of 2016 AGM minutes:

“That the minutes of the 2016 AGM held on the 24th November 2016 be taken as read and adopted as a true and accurate record”

 Moved: Shane Clements                              Seconded: Rik Bennett

 All in favour?  Yes


Adoption of President’s reportread by Bryan Clements

“That the 63rd president’s report be taken as read and received by this meeting”

 Moved: Ross Muir                           Seconded: David Glenn

 All in favour?  Yes

Gary acknowledged the great job Bryan has done this year in the demanding role of club President – a round of applause for Bryan.


Adoption of Treasurer’s report and club accounts for the year ending 31st October 2017:  read by Bryan Clements in Matt Fulton’s absence

“That the treasurer’s report and the club’s accounts for the year ending 31 October 2017 be taken as read and received by this meeting”

Moved: Bryan Clements                Seconded: Bob Buckley

All in favour?  Yes

There was a brief discussion to clarify details of the NZCT grant, and Bryan indicated future major projects may include lodge plumbing and wiring.


That the subscriptions and fees for the 2017/2018 financial year be as follows:

•       Annual subscription for senior members: $170 (increase from $160)

•       Annual subscription for junior members: $50 (unchanged)

•       Annual subscription for associate members: $35 (unchanged)

•       Work party levy: $160 (increase from $150), applies to senior members and life-subscript members if the member does not attend a committee-approved work party or equivalent event

•       Committee is given the discretion to set or waive joining fee, and set or waive early payment discount for subs or apply a late payment levy - as they see fit

There was a brief discussion to clarify details of the Joining Fee and Associate Membership

Moved: Gary Verberne                   Seconded: Rik Bennett

All in favour?  Yes



Appointment of Financial Reviewer of Club accounts year ending 31 October 2018:

“That Graham Haines be appointed reviewer of the financial accounts for the year ended 31 October 2018”

Moved: Bryan Clements                Seconded: Shane Clements

All in favour? Yes


Appointment of Club Solicitor for 2018:

“That Rodney Lewis be appointed Club Solicitor for the year ended 31 October 2018”

Moved: Gary Verberne                 Seconded: Andrew Hart              

All in favour? Yes


Election of Officers – nominations received to date:


Bryan Clements

Vice President 

vacant, nominations welcome

Past President

Julie McKenzie

Club Captain           

Kirk Hannaford


Rachel Ward


Matthew Fulton


Gary Verberne


Steve Roper

 Rik Fisk
 Matt Holcroft
 Peter Studer
 Mark Farrell

Appointment of Junior Club Captain, Hayley Fulton

Steve McLennan is available to assist Steve Roper coordinating the maintenance programme

Shane Clements is happy to come on committee if required


General Business

•       Acknowledgement of noted former members who have passed away:

Buck Parker  - a framed copy of a eulogy for Buck will be hung at the lodge

Jan Patterson

Frank Jarvis

Nicholas Marshall

•       Club Historian –a former member, Derek Gower, has expressed interest in this role.  Bryan is in discussion with Derek to establish process around digitising and saving archival material to the club’s Google Drive

•       Associate Membership – Bob Buckley expressed his opinion that it’s important for the club to maintain and promote Associate membership.  It works especially well to keep young adults, who may leave the club for a number of years, back when they have their own families.

•       Junior membership – Pete Studer queried the criteria for this: “A Junior Member is a member who is either at secondary school or under 18, but not under the age of 5, on the first day of the financial year of the Club.”  (for the 2017-18 season this is 1-11-2017)             


Meeting Closed: 6:45pm


Christiania Derby Mens Individual Fastest Time - Matt Holcroft

Neil Meltzer Cup, Derby Fastest Men's Team - Taupo SC

Christiania Derby Ladies Winning Team - Rangatira SC

Valentine Cup, Derby Fastest Woman - M Oostebaan

Christiania Ski Club A.H. Carter Trophy - Mark Farrell

CSC Agnew Cup - most improved boy - Jack Brennan

Ailsa & Ewen Christie Trophy - Sportsmanship - not awarded

Christiania Ski Club Brian Perry Cup - most improved snowboarder - Toby Gower

Christiania Ski Club Captains Cup - senior champion - Kirk Hannaford

Christiania Derby Eileen Graham Trophy Christiania Lady Fastest Time - Georgia Clements

Christiania Ski Club Lodgemanship Fitchetts Trophy - Steve McLennan

CSC Hurley Cup - Most improved girl - Elizabeth Verberne

CSC Eileen Graham Cup - most improved skier - Justine Brennan

Christiania Ski Club Muir Trophy Snowboard Champion - Devon Lawton

Christiania Ski Club Junior Lodgemanship Power Farming Cup - Hayley Fulton

Christiania Ski Club Taylor Trophy - Elizabeth Hannaford

CSC Derby Terry Jordan Trophy best Christiania time - Matt Holcroft

Christiania Ski Club Ladies Open Verna McWatters Trophy - Safra Bacchus

Special awards – for club champs

Meltzer Cup - Fastest Junior Boy - Ben De Jong

Meltzer Cup - Fastest Junior Girl - Rhiannon Lawton

Special Award - Fastest Junior Boy under 10 - George Hannaford

Special Award  - Fastest Junior Girl under 10 - Carys Lawton