Christie News 2017

CSC Bunkum #6 2017 -  Booking guidelines

13 April 2017


Subscription invoices for the 2017 season have been sent.  If you have not received your invoice, please let know as soon as possible.  (If you have multiple email addresses, please check them first.)  Access codes to the booking system will be issued once your subscription has been paid.


Remember, booking restrictions are in place until May 5, limiting any one stay during the July and September/October school holidays to a block of 4 nights only.  Full details, including specific block dates, are in Bunkum #5 below.


A few things to remember please when making lodge bookings:


  • Please alter/transfer a booking rather than cancel where possible. Mistakes happen but using your booking reference number (record it when you make the booking), you can change your existing booking. Cancellations create manual work for the booking officer and refunds are not straight forward.

  •  All alterations/transfers, just like cancellations, must be made prior to 96 hours of your booked bunk date. This gives fair opportunity for all users and dissuades misuse such as "weather-watching".

  •  In your booking please ensure to include:
      • Names of all people being booked in
      • Ages of any juniors
      • Your estimated arrival time - this helps catering plans and allows for safety follow-up if someone is really late

Then check all details before confirming - alter it rather than cancel it if you later find it is wrong.

  •  If you are going to arrive at the lodge much later than you estimated please make a courtesy call to the lodge to give an update.  Otherwise the party leader will worry/respond unnecessarily.  Lodge number is 07-892-3829.

  •  If you are a new member and want an escort to the lodge, ring in advance so the party leader can send a volunteer to meet you and guide you up.


Note that Jenny Muir, our booking officer, has recently changed her email address.  You can contact her on or – please delete any other address you may have for her.


Please also welcome to the club Rachel Ward from Hamilton, along with her sons Daniel, Harry, Sam, and William McVickers.  


Have a nice Easter everyone, here’s hoping Cyclone Cook doesn’t wreak too much havoc in your neck of the woods …


CSC Bunkum #5 2017 -  Invoices and Bookings - Addendum

6 April 2017

Please note that members also qualify for the priority booking period if they are dedicated to representing Christie in the inter-club ski race series. This requires that they race for Christie in Christiania Derby as well as at least two of the other three club races (see the calendar). They can then use the priority window to book into Christie lodge those weekends.


All such requests must be made to as soon as possible confirming who those people are and which events they will race in.


CSC Bunkum #5 2017 -  Invoices and Bookings

4 April 2017

It’s almost time to kick off the 2017 season by sending out your subscription invoices and opening the booking system!


We will be continuing the rules introduced in 2015 designed to encourage participation in official ski & board programs, increase the number of members that can stay at the lodge over the school holidays, and improve the effectiveness of the booking system. To remind you of the changes:


1.   A brief priority booking period will be given to those club members that have an intention for at least one of their immediate family members to participate in a ski/board mountain program run by RAL - or other providers - such as Flyers, Warriors, Master of the Mountain, Race camps, Holiday programs etc. Check out to see what is on offer by RAL for juniors during the school holidays.  They also have Flyers & Warriors weekend programs running, check out to see what’s on offer. To avail yourself of this advantage:


a.    Email me ( as soon as possible confirming who in your family will be participating in a 2017 program.

b.    Your family will be sent their invoice approx. two days ahead of the rest of the members.

c.    You need to pay your invoice immediately – I will then give you your password to access the booking system.

d.    You can make your bookings as normal.


Please note, this isn’t about giving members on programs a constant booking advantage throughout the season – you only get a booking advantage for two days – then the priority booking opportunity falls away. Obviously those who participate in the early booking and then don’t participate in a mountain program will be referred to the Committee.


2.   In both school holiday periods, bookings will be limited to blocks of 4 nights from the time bookings open in mid-April until May 5, a 3 week period.  After May 5 the restriction will be removed.  This will allow a greater number of families access to the lodge during these peak times (as long as members get “active” and book before May 5!). You must book for 4 nights – not more or LESS – you cannot just book for the weekend. The holiday periods will be:


July school holidays (the reference to dates below are the nights you will be staying):


·         Block 1: Friday 7 July to Monday 10 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Tuesday 11 July


·         Block 2: Tuesday 11 July to Friday 14 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Saturday 15 July


·         Block 3: Saturday 15 July to Tuesday 18 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Wednesday 19 July


·         Block 4: Wednesday 19 July to Saturday 22 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Sunday 23 July


Sept / Oct school holidays (again, the reference is to nights):


·         Block 1: Friday 29 September to Monday 2 September (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Tuesday 3 September


·         Block 2: Tuesday 3 October to Friday 6 October (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Saturday 7 October


·         Block 3: Saturday 7 October to Tuesday 10 October (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Wednesday 11 October


·         Block 4: Wednesday 11 October to Saturday 14 October (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Sunday 15 October


Note: members that are signing up to a mountain program (as set out in clause 1 above) can book for the period of their ski or board program – the 4 night restriction does not apply to them.


When you are booking we ask that each stay of consecutive nights is made on a separate booking, i.e. has its own booking number. This will save enormous amounts of admin for our heroic Bookings Manager – Jenny Muir – if you want to change your booking.


Invoices for the 2017 season will be emailed to all members in the evening of Wednesday April 12.  Once payment has been received, you will be emailed your new access codes to the Booking System.




·         Are family members going to participate in a mountain program?


·         Do you want to be at the lodge for a part of the school holidays?


If so, start thinking about your dates NOW!


CSC Bunkum #4 2017 -  Provisions Work Party

3 April 2017

A big thanks to the crew who turned out for the provisions work party over the weekend –

Mike, Sam, Reid, Georgia, Bart, Ben, Mark, Connor, Rik F, Tracy, Gina, Holly, Andrew, Charlie, Dave, Jaime, Hannah, Ross, Mac, Pedro, Amy, Simon, Liam, Olivia, John, Dylan, Casey, Daniel, Sue, Pete, Mitchell and Bryan!


And just like the previous maintenance weekend (Tim, Steve, Gary, Shane, Matt H, Rik F, Bruce, Kerriann, Julie, Ken, Sean and Bryan) we had a fine day on Saturday and knocked over a huge amount of work.


So the winter stores are now all labelled and stowed, firewood is stacked, carpets rug-doctored, old sofas replaced with new, concrete block walls repaired and painted, smoke alarms tested, trophies polished, roof re-checked for leaks, lodge surrounds cleared of rubbish, taps checked, kitchen mats cleaned and fire escape door un-jammed! Oh, don’t forget Pedro’s other supplies are stowed and Christie after-work traditions were resumed. And anything else I’ve left out.


I am extremely pleased (relieved) that we now have the lodge in good shape ahead of winter and all systems go – thanks again everyone, awesome effort and great fun!

Thanks too to the three families who missed out and were on the wait-list because the lodge was already full. You are first on the list for the November work party.


Here’s a snap of the new sofas and one of Tenants’ Valley being prepared for the winter by RAL (new trail and snow-making I think).

 New Sofas!         


And in closing, a tantalising message from RAL advertising passes and what is coming this season. Of particular interest to me are the last three items:

  • Free shuttles to Turoa from Ohakune and Whakapapa/Happy Valley from National Park/Whakapapa Village with your lift pass
  • FREE Night skiing with your Life Pass for 2017- 4pm to 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays at Happy Valley and Whakapapa lower mountain
  • FREE access to First Tracks with your Life Pass for 2017 - daily from 8am to 9am at Whakapapa


Yahoo! Looking forward to seeing you all at the lodge sometime!


CSC Bunkum #3 2017 -  Mountain Programs

2 April 2017


It’s time to start thinking about the upcoming season for you and the children.  RAL and a couple of private providers offer some wonderful programs that are sure to improve your skiing/boarding.  If you are planning to have a few weekends at the mountain then have a look at the options below and give them some consideration.


For children aged 6-16 for skiing, and 8-16 for boarders, RAL have a regular weekend program called either Warriors or Flyers (the same program, running alternate weekends).  I can attest that for my boys (all 4 of them) the program was a wonderful introduction to skiing and has set them up well to be confident and competent on the mountain.



While the children do the weekend program you could consider upskilling yourself in the Masters program.  Highly recommended for those beginning or feel they need improvement, as it won’t be long before the kids have left you well behind - as many parents know all too well!



For those children who progress and want to take things further then there are two private providers, Ruapehu Snow Sports and Stockman Sports, who are well capable of making the most of their potential.  Three of my boys are now in the RSS program and continue to improve under the excellent instruction and regular skiing they get.



Another bonus of enrolling in one of these programs is you get a brief priority on the booking system – more details in the next bunkum.


If you are considering one of these programs please let me know as it would be good to inform other Christie members, they may take encouragement that you will be there and join in as well.  You can email me at 



CSC Bunkum #2 2017 -  pre-season work parties

28 March 2017

The club is a hive of activity as we prepare for the 2017 season.  Expect a number of bunkums over the next week covering mountain programs, timing for subs invoicing, and booking priority and restriction details.


We welcome our first new members for the new year, Bruce Morris and Kerri-Ann McKenna-Morris from Wanganui.  Straight into it, they both put in a couple of hard days at the Maintenance Work Party last weekend (see below).  Kerri-Ann’s a machine in the kitchen and Bruce is a machine with an impressive tool belt.  Welcome aboard guys!


The Provisions Work Party is full steam ahead for April 1 & 2.  We’ve had a great response from members, the lodge will be full, there’s even a wait list!  If you’re attending this work party, you should have received an email from Bryan Clements with details of what’s to be done, what you need to bring etc.  Any queries to


A Lodge Maintenance Work Party was run over this last weekend.  Steve Roper, our committee member with responsibility for lodge maintenance, has provided this summary:


After much rain warnings & weather watching it was decided that the 4 key maintenance areas that had been scheduled for the weekend of 25th & 26th March be carried out.


It had been identified that soffits be put in place around the entire lodge to help stop or prevent driving snow entering the roof space & thus stop leaks through to the inside of the lodge. The other high priority work carried out was parquet flooring repair, DOC enforced Water tank work and block repair work at Bob's shed. All of this was not a small exercise to carry out, so armed with our DOC Works Approval form and a select group of trade based clubbies we assembled on Friday night to make this happen.

  • Tim Goodson spearheaded the Soffit team, which successfully measured, cut, nailed and hauled up soffit sheets atop of temporary scaffolding & edge protection, then applied soffits.  Tim was assisted by Matt Holcroft, Sean McKenzie, Shane Clements and new clubbie/builder Bruce Morris.
  • The water tank repair work was partially carried out by Bruce Morris & Bryan Clements, with roofing material & flashings, measured and yet to be applied.
  • Down at Bob's shed DOC had identified to us that the block work here needed repair work at our earliest, luckily new committee member Rik Fisk had the skill set for block work & pointing work, he was assisted by myself and Bryan Clements of which 60 years of paint was chipped, scratched & wire brushed off to enable block work re pointed, 2 x lime lock applied ready for DOC approved Dulux colours to be applied at the earliest fine weather opportunity.
  • Inside Ken McKenzie & Gary Verberne carried out the tedious task of prying up water damaged parquet flooring, cutting small individual rectangular blocks that make up the squares, scratching, picking and removing all old glue to provide clean surfaces for the newly formed wooden blocks, then a section running adjacent to the internal window was polyurethaned.
  • Keeping the troops watered and fed was carried out by Julie McKenzie and new clubbie Kerri Anne McKenna-Morris. An endless smorgasbord of delectable delights were offered all weekend to keep the troops’ fuel tanks running full, with the highlight a roast on Saturday night. This work wasn't just limited to cooking but cleanup of dishes after all meals too.

A big thanks goes out to all for this weekend for the huge work load completed, especially during the cold, damp, miserable and dreary Sunday, your efforts are truly appreciated.

Steve Roper


I’ll be sending out individual emails to members over the next week confirming your details ahead of the invoicing run in early April.

CSC Bunkum #1 2017 - General Info, pre-season Work Party

27 February 2017

Welcome to 2017 - we finally have summer weather so … time to start thinking about winter!  There’s lots of development going on at Whakapapa - doubling the snowmaking capacity, a revamp of Happy Valley (including 2 x 26 person elevators replacing the chairlift from the carpark) and a new “Delta Quad” chairlift replacing the Waterfall T-Bar.  And a gondola in the pipeline – exciting times!


We have had some movement on the Christie Committee, confirmed at last year’s AGM in November.  Departing from the committee are David Glenn, Jo Studer, Keith O’Donnell, Shane Walden and Dave Kerr.  They will be missed and we thank them for their hard work and many contributions to the club over many years.  We welcome Bryan Clements as our new Club President, Julie McKenzie moves to Past President and Gary Verberne to Vice President.  We also welcome new committee members Matt Fulton (who takes up the position of Treasurer), Rik Fisk, Pete Studer and Matt Holcroft.  It’s great to see some new faces in there.  We’ve had our first meeting for the year and everyone is looking forward to a smooth and successful season.  We are still seeking a club secretary, and junior club captain.  If you’re even a little bit interested, and would like some more info on what’s involved, please let me know.  (“My fellow Christianians, ask not what your club can do for you, ask what you can do for your club.” - John F Ski-nnedy, 1961)


Important dates for the season have been set and are available in the club calendarThe 2017 pre-season “Provisions” work party is set for Saturday & Sunday, April 1 & 2.  This work party is ideally suited for Junior members of all ages; we clean the pantry out, replenish it with the latest and greatest, stack a heap of fire wood, clean and paint. It would be great to see some of our newer families come and lend a hand and find out how the provisioning logistics work.  Plus it exempts you from the Work Party levy in your annual subs – a saving of $150 per senior member.  If you can attend this work party, please contact Bryan Clements at


Some other dates for your calendar:


  • Mid-winter Xmas – Saturday, 15 July. A great way to kick off the season.  This hasn’t run the last couple of years, due mainly to late snow.  However this year it’s in the middle of the school holidays and the new all-weather snow makers should provide snow if the weather doesn’t.
  • Christiania Derby – Saturday, August 5.  The first inter club event of the year, a Whakapapa institution.  Loads of fun …
  • Mens Few Days – Monday & Tuesday, 7 & 8 August
  • Ladies Few Days - Monday & Tuesday, 14 & 15 August
  • Christie Club Races – Saturday, 30 September
  • End of season work party - Saturday & Sunday, 11 & 12 November
  • Christiania AGM – Thursday, 23 November


Invoicing for subs will occur in early April.  If you’re aware of any changes to your membership status, please let me know as soon as possible.  Access codes to the booking system will be sent out on receipt of payment.


We will continue with the booking restrictions that have been in place for the last couple of years.  Full details will follow closer to the time but essentially:


  • A brief priority booking period will be given to members who have family participating in RAL’s ski or snowboard programs such as Flyers, Warriors, Master of the Mountain, Race camps, Holiday programs etc
  • School holiday bookings will be limited to predefined blocks of 4 nights only from the time bookings open until early May.  After this time the restriction will be removed.  This will allow a greater number of families access to the lodge during these peak times.


Christiania needs new members and our favourite new members are friends of current members.  If you have friends or associates that you think might like to join up, please direct them to our website.  There is currently no joining fee, usually $250 per family, but this will reinstated once we are at optimum membership numbers.  Tell your friends: “Join now and save money.  Come to the pre-season work party and save even more money!!”


Remember, the lodge is available to be used all year round.  We’ve had a couple of corporate groups use the lodge over summer and this has been a great success.  Please direct any queries about group bookings to the Christiania Booking Officer, Jenny Muir, at 


Enjoy the rest of summer, we’ll be up the mountain in front of the fire before you know it!