CSC Bunkum #1 2019 - Pre season work party and general information

13 February 2019

Hello for the first time in 2019 – I hope you’ve all had, and are still having, a great summer – it’s been a cracker!  Hard to think about snow when it’s so hot, but needs must …

Firstly, news from last year’s AGM.  We have a new Club President!  Please welcome to the helm Matt Fulton, who was elected unopposed.  Matt has been working hard as our Treasurer for the last two years and we’re happy to have him in the big chair.  Our thanks to retiring president, Bryan Clements, for his commitment and hard work - not that’s it’s over - Bryan remains on the committee in the Past President position so we can make the most of his knowledge and experience.  The role of Treasurer moves to club secretary, Rachel Ward.  We also welcome new committee members Kate Yeo, Steve McLennan, Shane Clements and David Millington.

The committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday evening of every month, March to October, in Hamilton.  The season planning meeting was held on January 29, where some important dates and events on the club calendar were set:

  • The 2019 pre-season “Provisions” work party will take place on Saturday & Sunday, March 16 & 17.  As per last year this is earlier than normal due to the limited availability of the all-important RAL front end loader. This work party is ideally suited for Junior members of all ages; we clean out the pantry, replenish it with the latest and greatest, stack a heap of fire wood, clean and paint. We have a large amount of rubble collected from around the lodge that needs to be removed, there’s a new ski rack system to be installed, and the club linen needs to be brought back from laundering.  Lots to do…  If you have a sturdy wheelbarrow, please bring it – it greatly helps getting supplies and wood in, and rubble out.  It would be great to see some of our newer families come and lend a hand and find out how the provisioning logistics work.  Plus it exempts you from the Work Party levy in your annual subs – a saving of $160 per senior member.  If you can attend this work party, or have any queries, please contact me at 
  • Mid-winter Christmas has been pencilled in for Saturday July 20, the last Saturday of the July school holidays.  This used to be a much loved and well patronised Christie event, I’m sure you’ve seen the collages on the lodge wall, but has not run for the last few years.  We’ve decided to give it one more chance, but we need someone to step up and take the reins – it shouldn’t be too onerous - a bit of promotion, organising a theme etc.  This will be its last chance to dance – if it doesn’t run this year it will be removed from the calendar.  If you’re interested in taking this on, please let me know.
  • Junior weekend – Sat & Sun, July 27 & 28.  This is a new addition to the club calendar, a weekend designed to get our juniors up and flying, with dedicated instructors.  Our club captain will have more info on this in a later bunkum.
  • Christiania Derby – Saturday August 3.  The first of the interclub races and a big weekend at the lodge.
  • Mens Few Days - Mon & Tues Aug 5 & 6.
  • Ladies Few Days moves to a new slot of Weds & Thurs July 31 & Aug 1.  A word from Kate Yeo: Ladies Few Days has been moved to coincide with the Derby weekend. The women's weekday getaway will give you time to practice your racing skills and relax, pre race meet, with likeminded women.  For those with partners who are participating in the Mens Few Days post Derby, the new dates provide the perfect opportunity to split the driving, and for the parents, the child care. Come join us to make this the most enjoyable derby week since …. 
  • Christiania Club Races – Saturday Sept 28.
  • End of Season Work Party - Sat & Sun, Nov 9 & 10.

Invoicing for subs will occur in early April.  If you’re aware of any changes to your membership status, please let me know at as soon as possible – it saves a lot of time and effort if changes are communicated before invoicing.  Subs remain the same as last year, but the committee has decided to reintroduce a joining fee for new members - $100 per new senior member, $50 per junior, to a maximum of $250 per family.  If you’re already a member, this does not affect you.

Remember, the lodge is available to be used all year round.  However, we have a lodge maintenance window from Monday March 4 to Friday March 15 – please avoid booking over these dates.

Are there any webmasters out there?  The skichristie website needs to be moved to a new platform asap – any advice, guidance and assistance would be hugely welcomed!

If you can do the pre-season work party, let me know as soon as possible -


CSC Bunkum #2 2019 - Subs delay - 10/04/2019

10 April 2019

In Bunkum # 1 this year I said that invoicing for subscriptions would occur in early April.  However, as we’re about to implement a long anticipated upgrade to our booking system, we’ve decided to push this back a month or so.  The new system needs to be thoroughly tested before we open for bookings so invoices will only be issued once we’re happy that all is working as expected.  Hopefully this shouldn’t affect the booking process.  As in past years there will be a brief priority period for members participating in mountain programs, as well as an initial restriction on the number of nights you can book in the school holidays.  If you have any concerns about this change in timing, please let me know.

The Provisions Work Party, run by Steve McLennan, was held on the weekend of March 16-17 – here’s what Steve had to say:
The 2019 provisions work party was attended by a full house of enthusiastic members from as far away as Northland and Wairarapa. With exterior work on the lodge now being done next summer, this year’s March work party was mainly about provisions, including carrying several hundred kilos of food and nine cubic metres of firewood from the Rock Garden road, and stacking and storing it in preparation for the coming season. Clean covers were put on all mattresses, pillows and duvets, and the 20+ bags of concrete pieces collected during the November work party were carried to the loader for removal, along with ancient rubbish that’s languished in the storeroom for years. The leaking water tank was drained and cleaned in preparation for its repair in April. Thanks to everyone who came for their hard work, and Pedro for feeding us so well as always.

Thanks to Steve for coordinating the weekend the following members for getting stuck in and helping out:

  • Phil and Rozlyn Armstrong
  • Anita, Jack, Max and Lua Stewart
  • Lynne Keary and Vinn Watts
  • Bram and Flora Stevens and Vivian Oskam
  • Phil and Sheree Lawton
  • Amy, Esther and Hazel Williams
  • Rik, Tracey, Gina and Holly Fisk
  • Genoveva, John, Anika and Thomas Smallfield
  • Phil Spencer Harris
  • John Stephenson and Olivia Paul plus 3 juniors ?????
  • Richard and Tanya Mocke

Thanks also to Kate Yeo for delivering a mountain of meat and Romi McLennan for working her way through a mountain of laundry!

Steve also had a note about maintenance work going on at the lodge at the moment: Our leaking water tank was emptied and cleaned during the March work party in preparation for applying a paintable membrane to seal the concrete structure, but after further investigation it’s been decided a prefabricated flexible liner would be a better long term solution. This will be installed soon at the same time as repairs to the lodge roof.

Recently at Tukino Lodge a plaque was presented to Tukino Alpine Sports Club (TASC) to commemorate the opening of the Tukino Lodge in July 1976, and the Christiania members who built the Lodge. For those who do not know the history, Christie built and ran the lodge concurrently with our present lodge. Over time it became an unsustainable financial liability so was gifted to the Outdoor Pursuits Centre in 2000 and subsequently is in the hands of TASC. Huge thanks to long standing Christie members Doug Downs and Neil Callaghan for initiating this and donating the plaque. 

Some of the “Fathers of Tukino” standing on the Tukino Lodge Deck, with the Waikato Glacier above and Te Hue Hue Peak in the cloud to the right.  l to r: Doug Downs, Neil Callaghan, Michael Callaghan, Kevin Williams.

A spin-off is that the clubs have agreed reciprocal booking rights for our members. If you’re interested in visiting Tukino Lodge please contact the bookings officer,

Also mentioned in Bunkum # 1 was the Mid Winter Xmas.  Sadly we’ve had no one step up to run this – it is now officially a dead horse and we will stop flogging it.  Santa will have to wait until December.

We’ve had a flurry of new members join the club since the end of last season – we welcome:

  • Diane Plant and Ernst Vos with Tom, Luke and Dylan
  • Sandy Turner
  • Greg Williams
  • Ella Buckley and Hamish Paris
  • Andy Rogers
  • Daniel & Mariska van Heerden with Tiaan, Aneda, Kaylin and Matthew
  • Richard & Tanya Mocke with Oliver, Keara and Sophie
  • Alex Gower
  • Mario & Elizabeth Smith with Mia and Lize-Mari


CSC Bunkum #3 2019 - Booking System update

16 May 2019

I was hoping to bring you news of our booking system upgrade but sadly it’s not to be, for 2019 anyway.  We were under the impression that the new system would be easily able to recreate the simple form and function of our old system, but this was not the case.   A decision has been made to roll back to the old system for this year.  It may not look too good on your phone but believe me, it’s preferable to the alternative!  On the bright side, you’re spared having to learn a new system for another year.

Full details on invoice dates, when the booking system will open, booking priority periods and restrictions etc, will follow in the next day or two – there’s quite a bit of info to take in so it warrants its own Bunkum.  If there are any changes to your membership details or status from last year, please let me know asap – it will save time for all concerned.

Our Maintenance team have had a more successful time – here’s an update from Steve McLennan:

Roof: Three guys from Terry Hunt Commercial Roofing (Tauranga) stayed two nights 1 & 2 May and got two-and-a-half days work completed installing 500kg of new flashings. The extensions for the short sheets on the pantry/men’s bathroom roof were a slightly different profile so they’re coming back for a few hours work when the weather clears in the coming week or two. They’re confident the repairs they’ve made will solve our problems, but suggested a full re-screw of the roof might be a good idea to complete next summer if necessary. An inspection hatch was added to the outdoor tank as has been requested by DOC.

Water tank: Two guys from Timbertanks (Tuakau) stayed one night at the lodge 1 May and completed installation of the liner in the new tank the next day. I siphoned a few feet of water from the outside tank into the new tank over night and uncovered the downpipe scuppers and opened the appropriate valves to allow rain water into both tanks. I’m going back to finish installing the ski racks in the coming weeks and will check on progress with filling then.

This was important work – the roof work will hopefully take care of the annoying leaks we’ve been seeing in the last few seasons, and the tank liner brings us back to full water storage – thanks Steve.

Due to a timetable a clash Juniors Weekend has been moved to August 10 & 11.  This is a new addition to the club calendar, a weekend designed to get our juniors up and flying, with dedicated instructors.  Our club captain will have more info on this in a later bunkum.

An addendum to last bunkum’s item on the Tukino Fathers – I failed to mention Christie life member Fred Houtman who, along with Doug Downs and Neil Callaghan, donated the commemorative plaque – sorry Fred!  Unfortunately Fred was unable to attend the ceremony. Here’s a picture of the Christiania ‘Fathers of Tukino Lodge’ on their visit to Tukino Lodge in 2015: 

Neil Callaghan, Doug Downs, Brian Reynolds, Kevin Williams, Fred Houtman, Tom Patterson

I had a nice email recently from an ex-member, Peter Stock, that’s worth sharing:

I was an active member of the club until Xmas 1969, when I transferred to Dunedin. Since then I have been active with the Otago Ski Club, but have continued my Christie membership in order to keep up with the club news. Now that I am in my 80s, I have realized that my dream of further holidays at the club will not  happen. So, I reluctantly request that my name be removed from the club’s membership register.
However, as a Life Member and ex President of OSC, I feel obliged to invite your members to visit our website  Also I am sure they would get a warm welcome if they visited our lodge when skiing on Coronet Peak.  Wishing you and the Club a great future.

Anyone fancy a weekend on Coronet Peak?

Construction on the Whakapapa Gondola continues furiously – although the target opening of 1 June won’t be met, talk is now of the end of June – keep those fingers crossed.  You can see photos and updates on the Mt Ruapehu website:

Keep your eyes open for Bunkum # 4 in the next day or two – time to get down to business!


CSC Bunkum # 4 2019 - Invoices and Bookings

17 May 2019

It’s almost time to kick off the 2019 season by sending out your subscription invoices and opening the booking system!

Invoices for the 2019 season will be emailed to all members between May 18 and June 1.  Once payment has been received, access codes to the booking system will be emailed on either Wednesday June 5 for members who have priority booking rights (see No 1. below), or Friday June 7 for the rest of us.

We will be continuing the rules introduced in 2015 designed to encourage participation in official ski & board programs and club races, increase the number of members that can stay at the lodge over the school holidays, and improve the effectiveness of the booking system. To remind you of the changes:

1.  A brief priority booking period will be given to members who have an intention for at least one of their immediate family members to participate in a ski/board mountain program run by Mt Ruapehu (formerly RAL), or other providers.  Details of all Programmes run by Mt Ruapehu can be found here.  There’s the Academy Weekend programme (what used to be called Flyers and Warriors), Kids’ Holiday Crew school holiday programme, competitive race coaching with lots of timing options, and an Adult Academy for those of you who don’t want the kids to get away on you.  Too late for me I’m afraid …

The priority period also applies to:

  • members who are dedicated to representing Christie in the inter-club ski race series.  This requires that they race for Christie in Christiania Derby as well as at least two of the other three club races (see the calendar).
  • members booking in for Juniors weekend

To take advantage of the priority period:

  • Email me ( as soon as possible confirming who in your family will be participating in a 2019 program or Juniors Weekend, or the club races you are intending to compete in
  • You will be sent your invoice early in the week of May 20
  • You need to pay your invoice promptly – I will then email your password to access the booking system on Wednesday June 5.  (Non priority members who have paid their subs will be sent their details two days later, on Friday June 7)
  • You can make your bookings as normal

Please note, this isn’t about giving members on programs a constant booking advantage throughout the season – you only get a booking advantage for two days – then the priority booking opportunity falls away. Obviously those who participate in the early booking and then don’t participate in a mountain program will be referred to the Committee.

In both school holiday periods, bookings will be limited to blocks of 4 nights from the time bookings open in early June until June 25, a 2 week period.  After June 25 the restriction will be removed.  This will allow a greater number of families access to the lodge during these peak times (as long as members get “active” and book before June 25!). You must book for 4 nights – not more or LESS – you cannot just book for the weekend. The holiday periods are:

          July school holidays (the reference to dates below are the nights you will be staying):

  • Block 1: Friday 5 July to Monday 8 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Tuesday 9 July
  • Block 2: Tuesday 9 July to Friday 12 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Saturday 13 July
  • Block 3: Saturday 13 July to Tuesday 16 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Wednesday 17 July
  • Block 4: Wednesday 17 July to Saturday 20 July (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Sunday 21 July

           Sept / Oct school holidays (again, the reference is to nights):

  • Block 1: Friday 27 September to Monday 30 September (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Tuesday 1 September
  • Block 2: Tuesday 1 October to Friday 4 October (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Saturday 5 October
  • Block 3: Saturday 5 October to Tuesday 8 October (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Wednesday 9 October
  • Block 4: Wednesday 9 October to Saturday 12 October (inclusive) - i.e. leave the lodge during the day on Sunday 13 October

Please remember, especially new members: When booking make sure that each stay of consecutive nights is made on a separate booking, i.e. has its own booking number. This will save enormous amounts of admin for our heroic Bookings Manager, Jenny Muir, if you want to change your booking.


  • Are family members going to participate in a mountain program?
  • Do you want to be at the lodge for a part of the school holidays?

If so, start thinking about your dates NOW!


CSC Bunkum #5 2019 - Invoices have been sent!

26 May 2019

All invoices for 2019 subscriptions have been sent – if you have not received yours, please contact me as soon as possible!

As per Bunkum #4, once payment has been received access codes to the booking system will be emailed on:

  • Wednesday June 5 for members who have priority booking rights
  • Friday June 7 for the rest of us

You can see information on Mt Ruapehu’s programmes here.  For those of you wanting to participate in a program, now’s the time to start planning.