Booking Rules

The following rules apply to all bookings.

Booking Priority: Members have preference until 10 days prior to the date booked. After the 10 days period, beds are filled by: (1) Associate Members, (2) Non-members/ guests and then (3) Members of affiliated ski clubs.

Booking priority for Mountain Programs: At the Committee's discretion, a brief priority booking period will be given in early April to those club members that have an intention that at least one of their immediate family members will be participating in a ski/board mountain program such as Flyers, Warriors, Master of the Mountain, Race camps, Holiday programs etc.

The priority period also applies to members who commit to competing in the Christiania Derby and at least two of the other three club races held annually at Whakapapa. (For dates, see the calendar)

Guests: Guests are welcome to stay in the lodge but must be accompanied by a senior member, who is also responsible for them in the Lodge. 
NOTE - members are to book guests into the Lodge with booking officer agreement only.

Junior Members: A parent or senior member sponsor must accompany junior members when residing in the Lodge. Limit of 3 juniors per senior member except where one parent accompanies children of their own family.

Successive Weekends/Weeks: Advance booking may be made for successive periods. However, second weekend/week may have to be forfeited if applied for by a member 7 days or more before.

School Holidays: In both school holiday periods, bookings will be limited to blocks of 4 nights (as decided by the Committee) from the time bookings open (early April) until 1st May (approx 3 week period).  After 1st May the restriction will be removed.
Multiple Bookings: Each stay of consecutive nights must be made on a separate booking, i.e. have its own booking number.

Cancellations: There will be no refund for cancellations made after 4pm within 96hrs (4 days) of the intended booking date - i.e. for a Friday night booking, the cancellation must occur prior to 4pm Monday.
(At committee discretion, a cancellation within 96 hours may be eligible for a refund in exceptional circumstances.  For more info please contact:
Lodge fees for bookings cancelled prior to 96hrs will be refunded to your PayPal account, less the standard PayPal transaction fee.  We strongly urge you to consider transferring your booking to another date rather than cancelling.

Weekends: Two consecutive nights must be booked when making a booking over a weekend, either Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday nights.
If bunks are available, a single Friday or Saturday night can be booked from 4PM the previous day – i.e. you can book a single Saturday night from 4PM the Friday before

Booking System Freeze: No bookings to be made by members 5pm Monday to 11am Tuesday. This is to allow the Booking Officer to manage non-member bookings including directing members to book their non-member guests.

School Holidays: Please see the club calendar

Club Events: Please see the club calendar

Group Bookings: Special conditions apply to non-member group bookings.

School Bookings: Maximum 24. Ratio 1 Adult per 5 students