For non-member bookings please refer to the Guest and Non-Member bookings page.

The lodge is open for bookings from members during the entire season. It is required that members make their bookings through the online booking system and pay via "Paypal" This will give an immediate confirmation of the booking. No booking will be confirmed until fully paid for.

As you can imagine at some times (such as school holidays and weekends) demand for the lodge is quite high so it pays to get your booking in early.

There are 32 bunks in the lodge and group bookings are accepted. Group bookings for the lodge are summarised on our group booking page and on the calendar  so that members can be aware when lodge space is at a premium. If you are organising a group trip to the mountain and are looking for somewhere to stay please contact our Booking Officer who can give you more details about our group booking rates and conditions.

Please be aware that there are some weekends during the season when events such as Derby, Special Weekends are taking place and lodge space will be allocated to people participating in these events before becoming available to other members. These dates are all published in the calendar as soon as they become available so members can plan around them.

Please click on the "member booking link" on the right to make a booking.

Cancellations: There will be no refund for cancellations made after 4pm within 96hrs (4 days) of the intended booking date (i.e. for a Friday night booking, the cancellation must occur prior to 4pm Monday).
Cancellations made prior to 96hrs of the intended booking date are transferred from the reservation database table to the cancelled database table and held as credit accommodation for use when the member makes their next booking.