Christiania Ski Club Constitution

(Effective from 25 November 2021)

1)   Name 
The name of the club is Christiania Ski Club Incorporated. 

2)   Objects 
The objects of the Club are: 
a.   The encouragement of skiing & boarding in all its forms especially among juniors. 
b.   Affiliation with incorporated associations representing skiers & boarders and the sport of skiing & boarding at national and/or local level and with any other body having objects in whole or in part similar to or in furtherance of the objects of this club. 
c.   The promotion of good fellowship and co-operation within the club, and among all kindred clubs. 
d.   To lease, hire or purchase any real or personal property for the purposes of the club and if necessary, borrow money and as security give a charge over the Club's assets. 
e.   To carry out intentions that are conducive to the Club's endeavours to facilitate the enjoyment of the outdoors.

3)   Membership 
a.   The club shall consist of Senior Members, Life Subscription Senior Members, Veteran Senior Members, Associate Members, Junior Members, Tertiary Student Members, Life Members and Honorary Members in accordance with the definitions and their rights as set out in Rule 4 and Rule 5. 
b.   A Senior Member is any member other than a Junior, Associate or Honorary Member. 
c.   A Life Subscription Senior Member is a member who paid a life subscription before 31 December 1974, instead of paying subsequent annual subscriptions under Rule 6. Any such member will still be required to pay any levy or additional contribution required to be paid under Rule 6. These members shall for the purpose of the Rules be deemed to be Senior Members. 
d.   Veteran Membership may be granted by the Committee to any Senior Member who has made application for the same. The criteria for a Senior Member to be granted Veteran Membership are: 
        i.   60 years of age or over 
        ii.   Minimum of 15 years affiliation with the Club. 
        iii.   Veteran Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of Senior Members and shall be classed as Senior Members. Veteran Members shall pay an annual subscription equal to 50% of the ordinary Senior Subscription Fee, unless they were existing Life subscript members, in which case they are exempt from annual subscriptions. Veteran Members shall not be required to pay any levy or additional contribution required to be paid under Rule 6. 
e.   Associate Membership may be granted by the Committee to any Senior Member who has made application for same. 
        i.   The criteria for a Senior Member to be granted Associate Member are: 
        ii.   An absence from skiing for a period of not less than eighteen months. 
        iii.   A retirement from active skiing yet wanting to retain a continued association with the Club. 
        iv.   A Junior Member may be granted Associate Membership under the provision of Clause (f) of this rule. 
        v.   An Associate Member shall have no voting rights and shall be classed as a non-member for lodge booking priority purposes, though a lodge fee lower than that for a non-member will be set. An Associate Member shall otherwise be entitled to the privileges of Senior Membership. The annual  subscription for Associate Members shall be as provided for in Rule 6. 
        vi.   An Associate Member shall at anytime be re-admitted by the Committee to Senior Membership without payment of an entrance fee, but subject to the conditions contained in Clause (f) for those who previously held Junior Membership. 
f.     A Junior Member is a member who is either at secondary school or under 18, but not under the age of 5, on the first day of the financial year of the Club and shall not be eligible for any position on the Committee or to nominate any candidate for the Committee or to vote or to receive the notices sent to members. 
        i.     Junior Membership will be restricted to the children of Senior Members, Associate Members and Life Members. 
        ii.   When Junior Members cease to qualify as such, they shall automatically become Associate Members and they shall be entitled to be admitted as Senior Members on having complied with the following conditions: 
        iii.   The Junior Member shall have made application for Senior Membership in accordance with Rule 4. 
        iv.   They shall have met the requirements of the Committee to qualify for Senior Membership by working on work parties and/or otherwise.  
g.   A Tertiary Student Member is a senior member who is a full-time tertiary student and who was an existing junior member who would otherwise cease to be a junior member under rule f.(ii) (i.e., moving to senior or associate at age 18)  
        i.   Tertiary Student Membership is intended for existing junior members who are full-time tertiary students and whose junior membership would otherwise cease at age 18. Committee can also consider children of new families joining the club who fit the criteria. 
        ii.   Proof of enrolment is required with a NZ tertiary institution, and with valid Student ID for current year of Christie membership. 
        iii.   Application must be made by parent/guardian of student, the parent/guardian being an existing senior member. 
        iv.   Tertiary Student Membership must be renewed each year the student is in full-time study. Once the member has ceased full-time study they will be required to revert to senior or associate membership as in rule 3. 
h.   Life Members shall be elected under Rule 5 and shall be entitled to all the privileges of Senior Members and shall also be classed as Senior Members but shall not be required to pay any levy or additional contribution required to be paid under Rule 6. 
i.   Honorary Members shall be elected under Rule 5 and shall be exempt from payment of the annual subscription and shall not be entitled to vote or to serve on the Committee. 
j.   The Committee reserves the right to extend Full Membership privileges to a person (or persons e.g., a family) who is – for instance - a visitor to, and temporarily domiciled in New Zealand, or is the Lodge Custodian and wishes to participate in the sport of skiing or boarding. Application shall be made to the Committee as set out in Rule 4. 
        i.   Membership shall not extend beyond a period of 12 months, upon payment of $1.00 or the annual subscription and any levy contribution required to be paid under Rule 6 – as decided by the Committee. 
        ii.   The normally obligatory work party and entrance fee qualification shall not apply under these circumstances and, subject to Committee ratification, such a person would enjoy Senior or Junior Membership status for lodge booking priority purposes but shall have no voting rights.
        iii.   Such applications shall be decided by the Committee on their individual merit.
k.   Every member is required to notify the Secretary of any change of his/her address. 

4)   Election of Senior and Junior Members 
Every candidate for Senior and Junior membership shall submit to the Committee a written nomination in the form prescribed by the Committee and signed by the candidate or his/her guardian. Endorsement by existing Senior Members of the Club who have personal knowledge of the candidate is preferred, but where such endorsement is not available the committee will do such reference checks on the candidate as deemed necessary. Nominations shall be considered by the Committee which alone shall decide if the nominated candidate is eligible for election. Until so elected the candidate for Membership shall be classified as a Waiting List Applicant. Immediately after the election of a candidate, notice thereof and of the amounts of entrance fee, subscription and any other levy payable, shall be sent by the Secretary to the candidate. In default of payment within three weeks after such notice has been sent, the election of the candidate making default may be declared void. No person shall be deemed to have become a Member before paying all fees due as advised by the Committee. 

5)   Life and Honorary Members 
The Club at any general meeting may elect any person to be a Life Member or Honorary Member of the Club in recognition of long and outstanding service to the Club or to the furtherance of its objects provided however that no such election shall take place unless it be recommended by the Committee and notice of the proposal for Life or Honorary Membership shall have been given to members by the Secretary in the notice specifying the business of the meeting. Honorary Members shall be elected for a specified term not exceeding two years. A list of Life and Honorary Members shall be kept by the Secretary. 

6)   Entrance Fees, Subscriptions and Levies 
The entrance fee payable by newly elected members and the annual subscription payable by members for the current financial year and the immediately following financial year shall be fixed by the club at the Annual General Meeting provided however that the ruling amount thereof shall not be altered unless notice of the proposed change has been given in the notice specifying the business of the meeting. The annual subscription so fixed shall be payable by the 30th day of June. Newly elected members shall pay upon election an annual subscription and levy for the current year as shall be decided by the Committee. Senior members and applicants for membership may at any time be required to pay a levy or additional contribution in money to the Club for a specific purpose, provided that the proposal to require payment of such levy or contribution is first approved by the Club at a general meeting called after not less than one week's notice of such proposal has been given to members and applicants for membership. For the purpose of assessing annual subscriptions and levies, the status of a member will be his/her status as at the first day of the financial year of the Club. 

7)   Resignation 
Any Member may withdraw from membership by giving the Secretary notice in writing to that effect and shall not be liable to pay the subscription for the current year, if such notice is given by the first day of the financial year. 

8)   Cancellation of Membership 
a.   The Committee may cancel the membership of any member wilfully disobeying any of these rules or guilty of conduct rendering him/her in its opinion unfit to be a member of the Club provided always that before so doing the Committee shall notify him/her of its intention to consider cancelling his/her membership and of the reason therefore and give him/her reasonable opportunity of showing cause why his/her membership should not be cancelled. 
b.   The Committee may cancel the membership of any member who has failed to pay his/her current subscription within 90 days of the distribution of subscription notices or 30 June (whichever is the later) provided that the Secretary shall have sent him/her by post in terms of Rule 16 a notification of the Committee's intention to cancel membership if all monies owing by such member have not been paid within fourteen days from the date of the posting of such notice. 
c.   There shall be no appeal against the decision of the Committee to cancel a membership. 

9)   Management and Committee 
a.   The management and control of the affairs of the club shall be vested in a Committee who may exercise all powers, including the power to borrow, and do all acts and things which may be exercised or done by the Club and which are not required by these rules or law to be exercised or done by the Club in a general meeting. 
b.   The Committee has the power to control and invest the funds of the Club. 
c.   The Committee shall consist of the Executive Officers, five other members, the Deputy Club Captain, and the Immediate Past President. The Executive Officers shall be in order of seniority, President, Vice President, Club Captain, Secretary, and Treasurer, provided always that the offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined in one person who can be a non-member. 
d.   The existing members of the Committee shall retain office until their successors assume office and shall be eligible for re-election save that each Committee member except the Secretary and Treasurer shall not normally be eligible for re-election to the office for more than three years consecutively. 
e.   Any casual vacancy occurring in the membership of the Committee may be filled by the Committee except that no vacancy in the office of Immediate Past President shall be so filled and a vacancy in the office of President shall be automatically filled by the Vice President (or one of the two Vice-Presidents, as the Committee elects).  
f.   The Committee shall be entitled to co-opt not more than two additional members to the Committee with full voting rights for any specified purpose and/or period up to the close of the next Annual General Meeting save no member may be co-opted to the Committee except on the vote of not less than three quarters of the members of the Committee. 

10)   Election of Committee 
a.   The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall assume office as from the close of that meeting. Preliminary notice calling for nomination of candidates shall be sent to every senior member at least four weeks before the Annual General Meeting. Nominations in writing signed by a proposer, a seconder and the nominee must be in the hands of the Secretary not less than fourteen clear days before the date of the meeting. A nomination or consent sent by email or facsimile transmission shall be considered valid and a candidate may be nominated for more than one office. 
b.   Every Senior Member (or equivalent as per Section 3) has a voting right at the Annual General Meeting. Voting by that member can be: 
        i.   In person, whilst attending the AGM in person, and as instructed by the Chairperson, or 
        ii.   By instructing the Secretary, in writing, of their preferred candidate (vote) for each position, by the instructed date prior to the meeting, or 
        iii.   By giving the Secretary, in writing, their vote-by-proxy, by the instructed date prior to the meeting. 
c.   A list of all instructed votes, plus proxy votes shall be ratified by the Secretary and President and enacted at the time of voting at the AGM. These will be recorded together with other votes. 
d.   Each instructed and proxy voter will be counted as a member present for the purpose of achieving required quorum numbers for the meeting (Section 15a). 
e.   If the number of nominations for any office exceeds the number of vacancies, a ballot shall be taken at the AGM. The following provisions shall apply in respect of such a ballot: 
        i.   The Secretary shall within seven days after nominations close, communicate to each Senior Member that a ballot will be held, listing the candidates and their seconders, and instructions as to how the ballot will run.  
        ii.   The Secretary shall ensure that only members entitled to vote have done so, and have done so only once. 
        iii.   At the Annual General Meeting the scrutineers shall, for each office in order of seniority, count the number of valid votes cast for each candidate and report the same to the Chairperson who shall at the meeting announce the names of the successful candidates and declare them elected. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairperson shall exercise a casting vote. When a candidate for any office has been elected to a more senior office, the scrutineers shall disregard the votes cast for that candidate in respect of the less senior office. 
f.   If the effective number of nominations for any office does not exceed the number of vacancies, those nominated shall be declared elected. Nominations for the remaining vacancies, if any, shall be called for at the Annual General Meeting and a ballot taken among those senior members present. Refer Rule 15 (c) for ballot procedure. 
g.   In any ballot under the foregoing paragraphs (b) and (c) the voter must for each office, vote for not more candidates than there are vacancies, otherwise their vote shall be invalid in respect of that office. 
h.   Nothing in this rule shall apply to the Immediate Past President. Upon any person vacating the office of President but not being re-elected to the Committee, he/she shall automatically continue to be a member of the Committee until he/she ceases to be member of the Club or until the office of President is next vacated otherwise than by cessation of membership or incapacity. 

11)   Appointments and Sub-Committees 
a.   The Committee may appoint officers who must be Senior Members to exercise any specific functions on its behalf. The duties of such officers shall be defined from time to time by the Committee. In particular the Committee may appoint 
Lodge Officers, a Bulletin Officer, a Club Historian and a Transport Officer. 
b.   The Committee shall as it deems appropriate appoint sub committees for which any member of the Club shall be eligible but which shall have a member of the Committee as Convenor, e.g. Social, Skiing, Lodge/Works, Bulletin, publicity, 
Finance. The President and Vice President shall be members of all sub-committees ex officio. The sub-committees shall have such powers and duties as shall be specified from time to time by the Committee. At all sub-committee meetings three members, excluding the ex officio members, shall be quorum.  
c.   The Committee shall be entitled to nominate any members of the Club for sub-committee for any special purpose, when deemed necessary. 
d.   Appointments of officers and of members of sub-committees shall terminate at the close of the next Annual General Meeting following the appointments or earlier if so decided by the Committee. 

12)   Committee Meetings 
a.   At any meeting of the Committee a quorum shall not be less than half the total number elected and co-opted members of the Committee. 
b.   The President shall be Chairperson but if absent the Vice President (or one of the two Vice Presidents as elected by the committee members present) shall be Chairperson. If both President and Vice President(s) are absent, then the Committee members present shall elect one of the two Vice-Presidents to be Chairperson. If the President and Vice President(s) are absent or refuse to act, a person appointed by the Committee shall act as Chairperson. 
c.   In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairperson shall have a casting as well as a deliberative vote. 
d.   Unless the Committee unanimously agrees otherwise, no committee meeting shall be held unless three days' notice thereof has been given to every member of the Committee. 
e.   The Committee may invite any person to attend any Committee meeting but with no power to vote thereat.  
f.   Any member of the Committee failing to attend three consecutively convened meetings of the full Committee without having obtained leave of absence shall at the discretion of the Committee cease to be a member thereof. 

13)   Annual General Meetings 
The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held in the month of November or December of each year at a date, time and place to be determined by the committee and notice thereof shall be sent to every member, other than junior members not less than four weeks before the meeting.  Not less than one week before the meeting there shall be sent to every senior member and applicant for membership (waiting list applicant) a notice specifying the business to be transacted thereat, the annual report and statement of accounts, and the voting papers (for senior members only) requisite to any postal ballot to be conducted. 

14)   Extraordinary General Meetings 
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by direction of the Committee at any time or shall be called by the Secretary to be held within twenty-eight days after the receipt of a requisition to that effect, signed by not less than ten senior members of the Club specifying the time, date and place and the matters to be discussed thereat shall be posted to every Senior Member by the Secretary not less than seven clear days prior to the date fixed for the holding thereof. No business shall be transacted at any such meeting except that of which notice shall be given. 

15)   Procedure at General Meetings 
At every General Meeting:  
a.   A quorum shall not be less than fifteen senior members unless the Meeting is voting an alteration to the Rules pursuant to Rule 17 whereby the quorum shall not be less than twenty senior members. 
b. The President shall be Chairperson but if absent the Vice President (or one of the two Vice Presidents as elected by the committee members present) shall be Chairperson. If both President and Vice President(s) are absent, then the Committee members present shall elect one of the two Vice-Presidents to be Chairperson. If the President and Vice President(s) are absent or refuse to act, a person appointed by the Committee shall act as Chairperson.
c.   Every question at issue shall at the discretion of the Chairperson be decided, on the voices or upon a show of hands or by secret ballot except that it shall be by secret ballot, if so requested by not less than three senior members. Identical procedure will prevail in the case of any election conducted at the meeting under Rule 10(f). 
d.   The Chairperson shall be entitled to exercise a casting vote in addition to his/her deliberative vote. 
e.   At any meeting where a secret ballot is held and at the Annual General Meeting in the case of the postal ballot under Rule 10, such ballot shall be counted by three scrutineers who shall be appointed by the meeting. All voting papers shall be kept in safe custody by the scrutineers until their destruction is sanctioned by the meeting of members. 

16)   Service of Notices 
A notice shall be deemed to have been given to a member or to an applicant for membership if one such notice has been posted by ordinary post or sent by email to the address of the person appearing in the Club's register of members or of applicants for membership. 

17)   Alteration to Rules 
These rules may be repealed, altered or added to be resolution passed at a general meeting by a two-thirds majority. Notices of motions affecting the Rules shall be in writing signed by a proposer and seconder who must be senior members, and must be in the hands of the Secretary two weeks before the meeting. After that date, but not later than one week before the meeting, every senior member shall be sent a notice specifying each such motion and the proposer and seconder. Nothing in this Rule shall prohibit the proper amendment by the general meeting of any motion which has been specified in the notice. 

18)   By-Laws 
The Committee may from time to time by resolution make, amend or rescind regulations or by-laws relating to the booking of accommodation in and the occupancy of the Club's lodge on Mt Ruapehu, or relating to any other building or facility owned or controlled by the Club, or to any other skiing activities controlled by the Club. Any such regulation or by-law shall for the purpose of Rule 9 hereof be deemed to be a Rule of the Club. Such regulation or by-law shall be consistent with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and amendments, or any other statutory requirements, and with these Rules. 

19)   Secretary 
The Secretary shall keep and have custody of a minute book containing correct minutes of all resolutions and proceedings at general meetings and committee meetings and a register showing the names of all members including Life and Honorary members, their latest notified addresses, the dates at which they became members, the dates of birth of Junior members and in the case of ex-members the date of cessation of membership. 
The Secretary shall also keep a register of applicants for membership showing their names and latest notified addresses, the names of the nominators, the date of application and the date of birth of Junior applicants. The Secretary shall also attend to such other duties as may from to time be required of him/her by the Committee. The Committee may at any time appoint a member to assist the Secretary in any respect. 

20)   Treasurer 
The Treasurer shall keep true and correct accounts and books containing the particulars usually stated in books of a like nature so as to show the financial affairs of the Club and shall prepare and present to the annual General Meeting a duly audited statement of the financial affairs of the Club during the preceding financial year and of its financial position at the end of that year. The Treasurer shall duly and promptly send to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies such notices, returns and documents as the Registrar may from time to time require. The Treasurer shall also attend to such other duties as may from time to time be required of him/her by the Committee. 

21)   Auditor 
The Treasurer's Annual Financial Statement and the Club's Accounts and Books shall be reviewed by a person registered with the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants elected at the Annual General Meeting or any Extraordinary General Meeting or failing such election, as appointed by the Committee. 

22)   Financial year 
The financial year of the club shall begin on the 1st day of November and end on the 31st day of October in the following year.  

23)   The Common Seal 
The Common Seal of the Club shall be kept by the Secretary and shall not be affixed to any thing unless resolution to that affect has been passed by the Committee. The Seal shall only then be affixed by the Secretary in the presence of two other members of the Committee, one of whom shall be an Executive Officer and those two shall sign such document, instrument deed, writing, paper or other thing. 

24)   Winding Up 
Upon the winding up of the Club its property shall be disposed of in accordance with the directions given by the general meeting of the Club, the notice of which shall have specified such disposal as the objective of the meeting. Failing such directions, provided that no part of the funds of the club shall be used or made available to be used for the personal private profit of any member, the assets are to be realised, the liabilities paid off and the surplus if any, shall be donated to a charitable organisation deemed worthy by the Committee. 

25)   Interpretation 
In any case of any dispute as to the interpretation of these Rules, the Committee shall be the sole authority and its decision shall be final. Should it be a matter of procedure, arising at meeting, the Chairpersons decision shall be final.