Lodge Rules

Party Leader

The Party Leader is responsible to the Committee for the proper management of the Lodge, and occupants must co-operate with them at all times and are to carry out duties as detailed by them.

  1. Bunk allocations are to be in accordance with the allocation rules on the Bunk noticeboard at the lodge.
  2. No more than 32 persons are to sleep in the lodge except in an emergency, as directed by the Party Leader or with the authority of the Committee.
  3. The Party Leader shall make such a report to the Committee as they see fit.

Personal Behaviour

  1. Quietness is required in the bunkrooms at all times and throughout the Lodge after 11:00pm
  2. The possession or use of any illicit drugs by any member or visitor whilst in the Lodge will mean the cancellation of membership and other appropriate action deemed necessary by the Executive Committee will be taken i.e. obligatory notification of the Police Department.
  3. Juniors and Junior Guests under 18 years old - Alcohol consumption only with parents consent and in their company
  4. The Party Leader, assisted by the Lodge Supervisor and Occupants through the duty roster, must ensure that a high standard of hygiene is observed, especially by those handling food.
  5. No smoking in the Lodge as it is a Smoke Free Zone.
  6. No alcohol consumption, radios, electronic games or music are allowed in the bunkrooms.
  7. Bunkrooms must be kept tidy. Packs and gear must be kept off the floor and contents stored away in the draws and wardrobes. Substantial footwear and warm clothing should be kept handy at night in case of fire. Please read safety rules below
  8. Clothes must not be hung over heaters - use the drying room.
  9. Occupants must vacate bunkrooms by 4-00pm on their last day and new arrivals should not expect to use bunkrooms until after 4-00pm. Pack and gear to be left downstairs.
  10. Junior members under 14 years of age must be supervised in the Lodge at all times

Tidiness and Cleanliness

  1. Casual dishes - occupants must wash and dry own dishes and leave area clean and tidy
  2. No cosmetics or other personal gear to be left in the bathrooms
  3. Occupants must show a sense of responsibility, take good care of all the furniture, fittings and equipment. Any damage, breakages, hazards or malfunctions are to be reported to the Party Leader. Occupants must ensure that the Lodge is kept clean at all times.
  4. Alcohol must be kept behind the bar area or in the lockers. Empty bottle, cans and casks must be placed in the rubbish bags provided.
  5. Club Members should not leave snow sports gear or other articles in the lodge except in a locker allocated by the Committee. Any gear left in the lodge unattended at the end of the season is considered as lost property.
  6. Snow sports gear is not permitted upstairs. Use the workshop downstairs for gear maintenance and adjustments. Occupants who do not have a locker use the racks provided.
  7. Boots must be brushed free of snow and dirt before entering the Lodge. No bo ots are allowed upstairs.
  8. The Committee may store lost property in a lost property box located in the Drying room, any article which in its opinion is improperly in the lodge and shall, as soon as is practicable thereafter give notice of the impounding in the Club bulletin. Any article not claimed within 14 days after the end of the issue of the said Bulletin, may then be disposed of by the Committee in such a manner as it thinks fit, any proceeds from the sale are to be paid into the general funds of the Club.


  1. Junior Lodge occupants will not be allowed outside of the Lodge after dark or in bad weather conditions except with the permission of the Party Leader and then only subject to such conditions as they lay down.
  2. Senior Lodge occupants intending to be absent from the Lodge after dark or in bad weather will notify the Party Leader of their destination and estimated time of return.
  3. There must be no misuse of the Fire Extinguishers and/or First Aid Kit. The Committee will consider any infringement a serious offence.
  4. All accidents and Injuries to be reported to the Party Leader and noted on the Accident Report sheet in the First Aid cupboard door.
  5. Evacuation - All Lodge occupants to be conversant with the five evacuation exits. In case of evacuation, the assembly point is the front veranda of the Victoria University Ski Club. Substantial footwear, warm clothing and torch should be kept handy by your bunk in case of evacuation.


  1. Invited guests are welcome but the permission of the Party Leader is necessary when guests stay for meals.
  2. No visitors will be allowed in the Bunkroom area unless accompanied by a Lodge occupant.
  3. No visitors are to be allowed in the lodge after 11-00pm except with the per mission of the Party Leader.